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  1. Squeal Damping Kit
    Squeal Damping Kit
    1 x MBA30 Mintex Squeal Damping Shims 1 x MTEC Brakes CG29 Copper Grease MBA30 Mintex Squeal Damping Shims Cut to size, peel of the backing paper and stick on. Each Pad is 95mm x 60mm. MTEC Brakes CG29 Copper Grease helps prevent brake squeal and protects metal against corrosion. It contains elements that inhibit oxidation and corrosion of metal parts, it will also protect against seizure of metal parts. MTEC Brakes CG29 Copper Grease should be used between the brake pad backing plates and caliper piston heads and contact points. Do not apply to friction material surfaces such as brake pads and discs. Learn More
  2. M10 x 1.0mm Speed Bleed Valve
    M10 x 1.0mm Speed Bleed Valve
    M10 x 1.0mm Speed Bleed Valve. This is a hydraulic bleed valve which incorporates a special one way valve which eliminates air coming back into the brakes’ hydraulic system when bleeding the lines.
    This valve also provides an option for 1 person bleeding of the brake lines. Simply loosen of the valve ¼ turn and pump the brake pedal before re-tightening. The valve and the thread sealing compound on the valve prevents air re-entering the system! Learn More
  3. Draper Tools 2.5T Aluminium And Steel Trolley Jack Product no: 31479
    Draper Tools 2.5T Aluminium And Steel Trolley Jack Product no: 31479
    Out of stock
    Low entry professional jack ideal for sports and custom vehicles with a reduced clearance height. Powerful twin piston 'quick-lift' feature. Knurled handle enhances grip. Heavy-duty Aluminium and Steel chassis improves strength and keeps the weight to a minimum. Large saddle aids positioning, integrated rubber saddle pad provides added protection to the vehicle. Supplied with a two piece handle and EVA foam bumper to protect vehicle panels. Specification Capacity ... 2.5 tonnes (2500kg) Minimum Height: 102mm Maximum Height: 465mm Saddle Diameter: 120mm Handle Length: 1150mm Chassis Length: 726mm Nett Weight: 28.5kg Learn More
  4. Draper Tools Brake Bleeding Kit Product no: 37316
    Draper Tools Brake Bleeding Kit Product no: 93025

    Designed for one-person operation for bleeding brakes. Simply push the supplied tube onto the bleed nipple and slightly loosen the bleed nipple, then depress the brake pedal slowly, which expels air and contaminated brake fluid, lock off the bleed nipple and then slowly release the brake pedal. Repeat this process until all traces of air in the tube have disappeared. The hose is fitted with a one-way valve preventing air returning into the brake lines whilst bleeding the brakes. 500ml capacity square bottle with a superior quality 600mm silicon hose.

    Learn More
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To find parts suitable for your car browse through the models of car below. We have a large range of MTEC performance brake discs and MTEC brake pads. We also stock Mintex, EBC, Brembo and Carbotech Brake Pads. We have recently added our new range of high quality braided brake hoses and calipers.

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