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MTEC Brakes Dot 5.1 Performance Brake Fluid

MTEC Brakes Performance Brake Discs

We are specialists in the design and manufacturer of automotive performance brake discs.

Our Performance Brake Discs can:
  • Aid Improved Cooling Under Braking
  • Help Reduce Build Up of Dust & Gas
  • Help Reduce Water Build Up
  • Look Great Behind Alloys

Our performance Brake Discs are available in 4 designs:

  • Drilled Grooved
  • Dimpled Grooved
  • Drilled Only
  • Grooved Only

To further enhance the durability and performance of our discs we introduced our special edition protective coating. This has the additional benefits of:

  • UV resistant
  • Brake fluid resistant
  • Hard wearing
  • High anti corrosion properties